Wedding Tipping Etiquette

by Claire Valenty on January 26, 2010

in Wedding Etiquette

wedding tipping etiquette

Wedding tipping etiquette is often not discussed and therefore, some people are absolutely clueless in this category. During the wedding, tipping isn’t too much of a concern as most of the service providers you will be using will automatically add their tip to their final bill. This will usually range from 15-20%. Also, if the bride is paying for the bridesmaids’ and her own hair and make-up set-up, you’ll need to tip the stylist. Don’t forget this when setting your wedding budget!

The honeymoon is where most couples forget to budget in tipping. Make sure you hit up the bank before you leave to get some small bills! As you’re more than likely travelling during your honeymoon, make it easy on yourself by storing small bills in one area of your purse/wallet so they’re always easily accessible. For the porter at your hotel, $1 per bag is the norm. Same goes for the airport transfer person, but, if you take a taxi or limo, you should tip around 15%. If you take a tour, the guide should be tipped 10% of the tour cost. Room service tips are usually added automatically to your bill, but, if they’re not, then 10-15% will do; tip a little bit more if the delivery was extra fast. For housekeeping, wedding tipping etiquette states to tip $2 per day stayed in the hotel per guest. This can be left in the room in an envelope marked “Housekeeping”, but, this tipping practice is a little uncommon. It would be interesting to find out how many people actually do this. What do you think? - 728x90 banner

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