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by Claire Valenty on April 9, 2010

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When are delivery tips appropriate? Well, anytime you are getting food delivered, delivery tips are greatly appreciated. These are usually around 15% of the order, but there are instances when you may pay more or less. If you have ordered about twenty $10 pizzas to feed your office staff of fifty, then paying the delivery person 15% of that $200 bill is a pretty high tip of $30 for dropping off some boxes! In that case, anywhere between a $10-$20 delivery tip is acceptable. On the other end of the spectrum, if you are having $200 worth of Chinese food delivered for your office staff and the delivery person takes the time to set up each dish, the plates and sauces, then they deserve that $30 tip, or, sometimes even higher! Remember, the tip is to express your gratitude for going above and beyond. If they barely cut it, 10% will due; if they were horrid, no tip is required! No tip is necessary if the delivery place already charges a delivery fee.

What if you are receiving a package from a delivery company? Does delivery tipping apply then? During the holidays, it is customary to tip your regular delivery person around $15. When I say “regular delivery person”, I don’t mean that person that leaves all your great eBay purchases on your doorstop while you are at work so they’re waiting for you at home. This “regular delivery person” needs to be someone that you interact with regularly (usually, on a daily basis as part of your job or normal activities, such as the paper delivery person). You can enclose your holiday tip in an envelope along with a short note thanking them for their help that year. A small gift will also do. Check with your delivery company’s gift policy before giving the holiday tip in order to avoid any embarrassment if the delivery person is unable to accept it.

Information about tipping postmen is here.

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