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by Claire Valenty on January 29, 2010

in Table Manners

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Dinner etiquette & dinner party etiquette are traditions that have sadly fallen by the wayside. We usually spend dinners in our car, in front of the TV or nibbling on finger foods while we are working. Dinner used to be the time when the whole family could get together and share the day’s events. It also was an important time for parents to pass on proper etiquette to their children to ensure they grew up knowing what is socially acceptable (like, don’t walk and eat at the same time).

If you are a parent, realize the importance of being a good role model for your children. Take dinner time as an opportunity to not only connect with your children’s lives (especially as they get older), but a chance to show them through your own actions proper dinner etiquette (tips can be found here in our Table Manners for Kids article).

If you are single and live alone, you may think dinner etiquette does not apply to you. Who cares if you drink milk straight from the container and use your belly to set your plate on when you’re eating dinner in front of the TV? No one care…right now. But, you want to make sure that when you do finally meet someone, or even go out in public with your friends to eat, you are exhibiting proper dinner etiquette & proper dinner party etiquette, or you may never be invited out again!

And for those of you couples without children and don’t need to pass on your excellent table manners on to anyone, don’t miss out on the opportunity to check in with your partner each day at dinner time.

Another fun fact: eating at the table and focusing on the meal and conversation tones down unconscious eating, making weight loss a little easier!

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