Morning Wedding Etiquette

by Claire Valenty on April 9, 2010

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wedding morning etiquette

Morning weddings are very rare. However, as they do occasionally take place due to the bride and groom departing on a honeymoon later that day (such as a cruise or overseas trip), we are including this article on morning wedding etiquette.

As you can imagine, since it is morning, and all things taking place in the morning are pretty casual, morning wedding etiquette is not very strict. Since it is breakfast time, if you are having a morning wedding, it is appropriate (and acceptable!) to serve breakfast foods. You can either do a sit down affair or the good ol’ breakfast buffet filled with pancakes, waffles, eggs and toast. Hey, if you want to be super casual, invite everyone to come in their pjs! Yeah, it is a little crazy, but, so is having a wedding in the morning! But, it is your wedding and you can do whatever you want; it would definitely be a party no one would ever forget!

If you scrap the pj idea (which I totally understand), you’ll still need to keep with the casual theme in regards to attire (the guests and your own). The wedding dress should be simple, as well as the bridesmaid dresses and the groom’s and groomsmen attire. Crisp linen is more suited to a morning wedding than the traditional tux. Not to mention if you’re having a morning wedding, that means right around high noon, for those of you that live in warmer weather climates, you will be dying of heat exhaustion in your heavy clothes. Not exactly a great way to start the day or the rest of your lives!

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