Naked Bodies Aren’t Meant for Touching!

by Claire Valenty on April 29, 2010

in Etiquette News

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As the art world pushes the boundaries of creativity (and sometimes taste) a new exhibit has cropped up which has caused the curators at New York City’s Museum of Modern Art to plead, “Please do not touch the naked bodies.” Yes, that is right; the museum has several displays containing live nudes. No, these people are not doing the um…things that you normally expect to see when entering a building advertising “live nudes” on the side of it. Rather, these nudes are “artfully” arranged for artist Marina Abramovic’s latest exhibit. reported that visitors to the museum found touching the “displays” will be escorted from the building. Art etiquette asks you to remember that these are real people with feelings and although they signed up to be displayed nude in artistic ways, they did not sign up to get poked and prodded. You have been warned! But, that does not mean you can not look – just make sure your wife is looking the other way!

Photo: flickr/Allie_Caulfield

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