Royal Wedding Etiquette 101

by Claire Valenty on November 25, 2010

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As with everything else when it comes to royal families, they take “normal” etiquette and protocol and times it by 1000 to create super posh and very intricately designed proper affairs.  Below is a list of how royal weddings differ and yet are still similar to our weddings:

  • Where as the normal bride has a wedding planner and/or friends or family members to help her decide what she wants, the royal wedding is planned completely by experts (the bride and groom do get to give their consent).   This is truly a massive event and each tiny little matter will be given the utmost attention.
  • All pertinent information for a royal wedding (location, date, dress code) will still be included on the invitation.  Make sure you fit the dress code to a tee and do some research if it is one you have never heard of.  For example, for Edward and Sophie’s wedding, the dress code was “morning dress”.  No, they did not mean wear your pajamas and robe.

  • Although we do not want to dress up like harlots for any wedding, it is an opportunity for our style to shine.  For a royal wedding though, it is conservative all the way.   At Princess Diana and Prince Charles’ wedding, quite a few guests were snapped wearing ultra fancy hats.  Hats are ok, but, as with any wedding, don’t try to outdo the bride!
  • Receiving lines are a dying trend for normal weddings, but, royal tradition means that when William and Kate marry, they, Prince Charles and Kate’s parents will greet each guest as they enter the reception.
  • Normally, the bride and groom love for you to bring your camera to help capture their big day.  Not so for the royals where every photo needs to be scrutinized by a PR rep before it is released to the public.  Leave your camera at home.
  • At a normal wedding, a chance meeting with the Queen is incredibly unlikely.  At a royal wedding, it probably is just a matter of time.  If you do meet her: men, bob lightly at the neck; women, bob lightly at the knee.  The key here is subtlety.
  • Surprisingly, the common trend of wearing a white dress started with royalty!  Queen Victoria started that fashion in 1840 with her marriage to Prince Albert.  Prior to that, wedding dresses were in color.  Imagine!

More Sources: Royal Weddings – House of Windsor

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